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"To enrich the lives of young people by delivering and advocating for the highest-quality volunteer-based mentoring programs."

Couples for Kids

Do you ever want to leave your "grown-up" pressures behind for an hour or two and just have fun?

Would you like to do something healthy for your relationship while helping to change the life of a "Little"?

Would you like to put aside regular time to share some laughs and fun with your partner while making a difference at the same time?

What is Couples for Kids?

Couples for Kids matches couples with a child for a two-to-one friendship.  Children who spend time with a mentor gain confidence, learn new skills, discover more about their community and the world around them, and increase their capacity to care for others.

Mentors grow from the experience in countless ways.  They see a world of possibility open up through a child's eyes.

The 'Couples for Kids' program offers great kids a model of a healthy adult connection as they may not have had this in their lives.

Every child needs someone to confide in, talk to and have fun with.  Whether its sports, learning a new craft or simply talking, you'll make a big difference in each other's life.  Being a Big Brother or a Big Sisters is not about doing anything differently, it's about including someone else in what you already do.

Who would make an ideal 'Couples for Kids'?

The ideal Couple for the program is caring, wants to have fun, and is interested in - and committed to - their role as a "Big".

They should also:

  • be able to spend time with a "Little" once a week
  • be able to commit to at least a year of consistent visits (the longer the better) because, like all of us, "Littles" want to invest in something that lasts
  • should be at least 18 years of age

Following the enrollment process, the couple is matched with a "Little".  The agency takes into consideration the child's needs as well as the abilities and interests of all involved when making the match.  After a match has been made, the caseworker will keep in touch and offer on-going support and guidance.

To find out more about the volunteer and program opportunities in your community contact us.

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